Restaurant Week ReCap

For DC’s Restaurant Week I made my way to two restaurants. I really wanted to go to more but time and money was of the essence. The two restaurants I made my way to were Cafe Milano which I have been hearing about for quite some time and Zentan which I can’t wait to talk about.

The first stop was Cafe Milano for lunch. This restaurant is located on Prospect Street in Georgetown. They have indoor and outdoor seating which is nice, but it was too hot for us to sit outside. It took us a while to choose what we wanted from the menu because we had never been there and were being indecisive. I had the choice of an appetizer, main course, and dessert. I wish I could remember the names of these dishes but I just can’t. They were all too new to me and I probably wouldn’t be able to locate them again if I saw the regular menu. LOL! Anyway the ambiance was very business suit-ish. You will notice how the logo even has a tie attached to it. Apparently a lot of well-known politicians eat at this spot. Everything was pretty expensive on the regular menu so they expect everyone to spend a nice chunk of change that go there. My overall review would be great service but the food was ok to me, nothing that would make me want to go back.

Here are some pictures from my food experience there:

This picture above was actually my friends desert which was actually pretty great. I tend to stray away from deserts with Pistachios but that was good!

The next stop I made later in the week was Zentan for dinner which was hands down amazing all around! Zentan is connected to the Donavon house which is also a great hotel with an amazing rooftop. I was a little early for my reservation but I was seated right away. I looked at the menu and knew exactly what I wanted from the descriptions. I started out with ordering Calamari but then I foursquared where I was and everyone told me to try the Singapore Coleslaw and was I glad I made that choice. It was amazing with a capital A!!!! It was so well put together. It was like it took you through different flavors the more of the coleslaw salad you ate. My next dish had udon noodles which are my FAVORITE!!!! This dish was called Stir Fry Squash & Tofu and it was so good! Great vegetarian dish. My dessert was sorbet but I can’t remember the exact name of it. It was pretty tangy but good. I didn’t realize I ordered everything without meat until I was done but it didn’t matter, I was still full and satisfied. Also don’t forget to get a fortune cookie before you leave the restaurant. You can figure out why I said that for yourself. 😉

There’s A New Bootie in Town

I am always curious as to what shoe will come out each season. A lot of times there are repeats and therefore I don’t need to buy any shoes because I already have the shoe. This season, we are getting introduced to the Beatle Bootie which I think is absolutely adorable. You can wear them just about anywhere and they are flat. I think as us women get older, comfort is key. Well, at least for me it is extra important.

Tell me what you all think about this shoe phenomenon. I know that I will be getting a pair so I can wear them just about all of the fall season.

(Photo via

Just to add some icing to that cake cake cake…lol…Piperlime is opening an actual store on Septemeber 6th in New York. This store will not only be open that night, but open for business days, weeks, and months after. I am too excited and will definitely be stopping in when I make my trip to New York.

The Artist Hour Photo ReCap

Hey Guys!!! My event recently passed and I had fun. Everyone enjoyed themselves and discovered a few up and coming artists in the DMV. I also want to thank all of those that made their way out, we truly appreciate the love and support and I never forget that. =)

The artists that showcased their pieces were Defy DC, The Rich Ant, and Doll Circa 1930

Enjoy some pictures from the event courtesy of The Art Hype.

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Inspired by the Tulle Cape

Inspired by the Tulle Cape

Royal blue dress

Kate Spade clip earrings

River Island black jewelry
$4.71 –

The Artist Hour Countdown!!!!

The Artist Hour, is an event that allows spectators and curious souls to chat with like minds while experiencing the true essence of artists’ minds. All of this will take place in Tabaq Bistro’s Red Room (1336 U Street Northwest  Washington, DC) from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 23th. Attendees can look forward to witnessing live paintings by the eclectic Antwanyce “The Rich Ant” Richardson ( browse custom-designed accessories by Doll Circa 1930 and unique men’s and women’s clothing designed by Defy DC Clothing (

Lady Bloggers Dana James of, Sarea-Flo of, and Tamika Wilkins of are excited to host another event in the nation’s capital. Their last event, held earlier this year, DC Lady Bloggers Fashion and Beauty Social, was a huge success. That event was hosted at, It’s Vintage Darling, in the Columbia Heights corridor and was packed to capacity. Guest received 50% off their purchase, enjoyed delicious bites by Dffrnt World Deli, giveaways & chic goodie bags with with items from Kiehl’s, Jewelmint, Ruby Redd Cheeks Boutique, Beautiful Textures.

The Artist Hour is a free event however to attend you must RSVP to

Please join the DC Lady Bloggers in presenting The Artist Hour.

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Kiehl’s AMFAR Event Photo ReCap

I had the pleasure of being apart of a huge event with Kiehl’s that involved raising money for AmFar. This event included mini facials, celebrities including the president of Kiehl’s riding motorcycles from Miami all the way to Washington, DC to raise money for AmFar. This event was a huge success and I was so glad to be apart of it!

Enjoy the pictures below:::


Guess Who???