There’s A New Bootie in Town

I am always curious as to what shoe will come out each season. A lot of times there are repeats and therefore I don’t need to buy any shoes because I already have the shoe. This season, we are getting introduced to the Beatle Bootie which I think is absolutely adorable. You can wear them just about anywhere and they are flat. I think as us women get older, comfort is key. Well, at least for me it is extra important.

Tell me what you all think about this shoe phenomenon. I know that I will be getting a pair so I can wear them just about all of the fall season.

(Photo via

Just to add some icing to that cake cake cake…lol…Piperlime is opening an actual store on Septemeber 6th in New York. This store will not only be open that night, but open for business days, weeks, and months after. I am too excited and will definitely be stopping in when I make my trip to New York.


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