NYFW Day 2

Day 2 of New York Fashion Week was quite interesting because things just got all mixed up. I started out at the Duane Street Hotel which is where the Bloggers Night Out event was for bloggers to go and get wifi to put up posts, view shows, and network. I ended up meeting the Co-Founder of Style Says which is an upcoming site that allows you to post your outfits as well as where someone can purchase some of your pieces you are wearing. He was super cool and I was so curious about the site, I was invited to test it out the next day.

After the Bloggers Night Out event, we finally realized how hungry we were so the Scoutmob app came in handy with where we could eat cheap. I was super iffy about eating at a bar but the food was amazing and it was great service. You don’t get good service at many bars so two thumbs up. We ended up at the Tribeca Taphouse. First of all Tribeca is just beautiful. Like I felt like I was in Italy. I started out with the Grilled Cuban Corn, can we say yum TWICE! My main course was the Avocado Burger. I love anything with avocado.

After leaving Tribeca, we rushed back to our spot to change to realize the times were all mixed up half way to our destination so we ended up in Times Square where Forever 21 was just amazing with like 4 floors of clothes. After this, we somehow started talking to this comedian on the street. He was hilarious and wanted to take us to some hookah spot but that didn’t end up happening. We killed some time talking and joking around with him and then we ran into our friend and we headed over to Juniors, which was seen on Making the Band. The cheesecake is AMAZING! Like some of the best! I had a few drinks because the bartender was nice like that and we caught up with our friend which I love to do when I don’t get to see friends that often and our night pretty much ended on that note.


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