NYFW Day 3

Day 3 of New York Fashion Week was the day we decided we were going to order breakfast to be delivered and it took FOREVER!!! I was rushing to get ready to head out to the city to visit the office of Style Says and was running super behind. The Co-Founder was super nice and I didn’t end up having to rush but I sure did eat my food and run at the same time. New York will surely teach you how to do that, LOL! I arrive at the office and it is filled with computers and a few engineers working on various things for the site. I got to chat it up with the Co-Founder which was pretty cool and then I was able to do a test run with the website. I think this site will be cool once it officially launches and will allow you to link pieces your are wearing to the actual site you purchased them from.

After this, we decided to hit the Lincoln Center for some shots before my friend Mika had to head back to DC. I got a few shots and few people took pictures of me. I hope to hear from them at some point so I can see the blog posts. This reminds me, I need to find those business cards I got from people because I can not find them for some reason! AHHH! Well anyway enjoy these last few Lincoln Center shots I got.


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