Doll Circa 1930 Feature

I’ve decided to do various features on my blog on young artists out there for everyone to read about. I feel like blogging is not only an outlet for myself but an outlet for others to let their talents shine.

My first feature on my new blog is Doll Circa 1930 which is a jewelry line that was started in memory of Lauren’s grandmother.  She always admired her creative abilities and style.  She incorporated her in the company name, so that her spirit lives on.

Doll came from her grandmother’s nickname that was known by many.  Circa 1930 was the year that she was born.  Doll Circa 1930 target consumer is one who thinks outside of the box also known as artsy/hipsters.  The line is something out of the norm, vintage inspired with spunk.

The current holiday deal is if you spend at least $20, get $10 off your entire order. Now through December 9th 2012!  Please take advantage! You can even customize your order.

Here are some snapshots of some of her pieces::



561662_10152244042535012_221287269_n599865_10152250791470012_1437507194_nFeel free to contact DollCirca1930 and follow!!!


Facebook Page: DollCirca1930

Instagram: Vintage_Spunk


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