Gosh….is it just me or did 2013 creep up on us out of nowhere?! What a year this has been. I started this blog this summer and it has been a journey. I love everything about this new direction I’m going in. I just need to remain focused on it and give it my all if I want to really have fun with it and feel accomplished. 

I also got my good Nikon this year so no more excuses for anything! I have all the materials I need!

Now as for 2013, it will be time for me to make some major decisions as well as some major moves. I already have Spain and Amsterdam on the list of places to go. New York is really on the list of places to move, I’m officially ready and have somewhere to stay. I don’t like the flow with the wind with living somewhere which was somewhat of my hold up of really moving.

I just want to keep my bucket list afloat with me and make sure I’m checking things off, it’s only right.

What are some of the things you all are reflecting on, as well as looking forward to in the New Year?


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