Suited for Style Party

I got an email for a Suited for Style Party from DC Scout. I figured why not check it out. This was a two story store by the name of Michael Andrews. It was gorgeous. The men’s styled half mannequins were dressed to perfection. This store does custom suiting and they also carry ties, socks, and everything a guy could want to accessorize a suit.

Michael Andrews and his employees looked amazing. Their suits fit them perfectly. I was impressed! I also had the pleasure of meeting the editor from DC Scout. She was really nice. It never hurts to be early to an event. 😉

The hors d’oeuvres were great. They had quite a variety. The drink selection was interesting. The drink I had was garnished with red chili pepper. At first I liked it but then it got super weird. LOL!

But anyway enjoy the pics from the event! And fellas go check out this super cool spot.

DSC_1047DSC_1051DSC_1052DSC_1056DSC_1057 DSC_1058DSC_1060 DSC_1063 DSC_1065 DSC_1067 DSC_1068 DSC_1069Her backpack was so cute, I loved it!

DSC_1071Take 1
DSC_1072Take 2…Find this guy over at –>


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