She’s Back

I been around the world and I ya ya…who remembers that song? Throwback!

Well anyway I think it’s time to do a post about my adventure halfway across the globe. I did a New Years post that talked about my 2013 things to accomplish. My first stop was Amsterdam. This portion of my trip was solo so very interesting to take everything in and experience it alone. I had an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam so this got added into the mix of going Spain which I’ll discuss in my next post.

I arrived in Amsterdam at about 7am-ish. I was tired and all thrown off with the time. I luckily had wifi to communicate with the outside world otherwise I would’ve felt crazy. I slept in the airport for a few hours because most things don’t open until 10am so I finally made my way to the exit to get my passport stamped. I put my bag in a locker because that would’ve just been too much to lug around the city. This decision later became a serious hassle with catching my connecting flight to Spain which I will talk about later.

I got a recommendation to go to Centraal Station and to take the boat tour in Amsterdam which would pretty much show me the whole city in an hour. I was pressed for time. I went and bought my train ticket as if I was a regular in Amsterdam and headed to the train station to Centraal Station. Their trains were awesome. I was about 5 stops from the airport so I landed in Grand Central and was on the hunt for an international sim card which I discovered did not work for my phone. While doing this I found the Vogue for the Netherlands. I almost got into it with the woman there about the sim card or if they had a calling card. But anyway after this she told me to go through an alley to figure out if my phone could take a sim card or not.

In Amsterdam, alleys have stores and shops. Alleys in the US are nothing good. LOL! Before getting here I had to  cross the street safely. In Amsterdam, there are bikers (lots!), trams, and cars. It’s crazy! You really have to pay attention or you will get hit. So I found this hole in the wall phone shop that found out my phone was not compatible and then I was able to get at least a charger for my phone and my iPod for the low. I left out and headed to the main street again and found a souvenir shop and got a few things there. I also found out that the tour for the boat ride was around the corner as well. I got my ticket and headed to the boat. I thought I was going to be the only one on the tour but some others got on. The tour was great.

I learned a lot of history about the city and how boat houses are super popular there. I would love to live “in the water”…lol.  The boat houses had tons of outdoor seating. People in Amsterdam love soaking in the sun. I love that! A lot of the houses lean there which is the strangest thing but that’s how a lot of the houses were built. The city has so much history and the architecture is pretty cool.

After this boat ride I went on my hunt to find Scotch & Soda which opened in DC last Fall. I could not find this place for like an hour. Everyone had me going everywhere and then I finally found it thanks to the last of 20 people I asked. I headed to one store and it was the kids store. I was like it has to be another store and she directed me to the adult store. I was in heaven and of course my camera died at this point and time. They had an awesome sale going on so I found a few pieces. I was happy! At this point I had to rush back to the airport to catch my flight to Spain.

At this point, time was leaving me and I had to catch a tram to Centraal Station and then my train back to the airport was taking FOR-EV-VER. It finally came and I got to the airport to realize that the flight I am leaving from is not anywhere near where I locked my bag in the locker. I have to go through customs twice on top of me not remembering exactly where my bag is located. So I am running for my life through this airport and people are looking at me like I stole something. I get to my departing area and it is empty. YIKES! I run to the woman at the desk because she is already helping two people and I am like “I am sorry but I am about to miss this flight.” She scans my ticket and I run for dear life again. The door is locked. Then the other two people come behind me and the woman at the desk gets the door opened for us. All three of us were late. LOL! We made the flight and I was off to Spain. Whew!



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