Duro Olowu for JCP Launches!!!

If you all don’t already know the trend for lower end department stores, the collaborating is serious business. It gets designers to shine that others might not be aware of or even be able to afford. It also gives business to stores that might need a boost. I think it pure BRILLIANCE!

The designer that collaborated with JCP is Duro Olowu who was apparently a lawyer before launching his design career in 2004. I think it’s amazing in life that you could be on one track and then have an epiphany and go an entirely new route. That is what life is about. He is a Nigerian native now based in London, I LOVE LONDON (still on my bucket list).

His designs are so my style. I love mixing prints. I have to wear black A LOT so when I can wear colors…I wear COLORS! lol!

Here are some of my favorite pieces::









2 thoughts on “Duro Olowu for JCP Launches!!!

  1. I came across his line this past Friday. I had no idea he was even collaborating with JCP… I saw a few extremely cute items. But actually none of the ones you showed. I will definitelty be going back to try on a dress I love, love, love! I also love colors! Will you showcase if you purchase anything?

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