Broccoli City Fest Re-Cap

This was a last minute add on to my vacation. I was determined to end my vacation with a bang. I made it to the Broccoli City Fest at about 5:45 pm and still had a great time. This event was filled with hippy, fashionable individuals. The event was hosted by Vashtie, she’s cute and I think she dj’s. The event was put on by the L.A. based Broccoli City Organic Lifestyle group and some of my fave people to party with, Rock Creek Social Club.

I was able to catch Black Alley who if you’ve never heard are AMAZING! I saw them for my birthday and need to see them again soon. I also got to see the main attraction, Big K.R.I.T. who I honestly don’t listen to a lot of but he did his thing and I might give more of his music some listen. I was vibing and jamming so I need to look into more music.

Take a look at some of the people and things I snapped….you might see yourself! 😉 Continue reading

Just a Beautiful Day in the City


I live in a super artsy neighborhood and had a lunch date with a friend of mine. I was eyeing this place called Takoma Bistro by Bread and Chocolate for a little while. If you are looking for a cute, cheap, good spot for a date or to just meet up with a friend, this place is perfect. My friend and I got a bottle of bubbly for $20 which I can’t complain about because how many glasses did we have, I lost count. LOL! The food was also awesome.


Hey Pepper!



Here are a few pics of my ensemble I wore::

DSC_0269DSC_0265What Are You Wearing? : Shades – Vendor in NY / Gap Jacket / Gap Shirt / Madewell Pants / Vintage Purse / Urban Outfitters Shoes

Two Peas in a Pod

I did one of my usual escapes to NYC because I love that place so much! I went to visit my best friend before he departed to Europe to go on tour. I am so inspired by this guy. I mean wow! I have a great circle is all I have to say. They keep me going.

I rarely get shots of my outfit but Marcus and I decided to get some shots so feast your eyes on these fits!!!!


Moxy Lounge Feature


How and when did this online business venture come about?

The development of MOXY Lounge has been a long time in the making and will always be evolving, however MOXY Lounge launched on 3.13.13  at….you guessed it! 3:13pm (Ha!)  I began selling vintage pieces the summer of 2009 at a booth at Eastern Market every Saturday and continued every summer thereafter. 
One day I woke up and felt extra ballsy (moreso than usual), and decided to start designing the website!  With the recent online launch we have added a few modern pieces and are in the process of uploading our vintage pieces on a daily basis.

I have always been surrounded by the most creative, motivating, and supportive people.  I wanted a way to bridge my love of empowering, networking and shopping together and Voila!  MOXY Lounge! 

Tell me more about Moxy and what it stands for.

My favorite part! By definition to have moxy is to have a self-possessed confidence, an attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances.  Moxy is to be bold, courageous, and sassy!  Good stuff right?!? 

My vision for MOXY Lounge is for it to be a platform for inspiration, motivation, networking …and of course, shopping!!!

“MOXY Lounge Presents” (posted every Friday), gives fresh, young designers, artist and entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their work and talent, and by giving costumers the opportunity to purchase high quality designs all while giving back to the community!

Entrepreneurs who demonstrate that their social enterprise endeavors have considerable benefits to the community through their work with young people are more than WELCOME!

 A percentage of ALL proceeds benefit organizations in the surrounding communities doing awesome work with the young entrepreneurs of the future!

What is your target market/customer?

At MOXY Lounge, we are our customer. Because of this, our job is an easy one: inspire and be inspired by cool women the world over.  Anyone who has Moxy!  We are all about good vibes, great energy, amazing women and empowerment.  If you’ve “got moxy”  meet us at the Lounge!

I noticed this because I am super small that you don’t carry a size 2 in most of your items. How do the sizes run and what are the sizes equivalent to?

I actually get this question often.  (Making mental note to add it to the site.)  I honestly need to do a better job when ordering. *slaps wrist.  We carry sizes 2-10 (with sizes 12-16 being added on May 1st.), however, size 2 is limited and seems to get snatched up first.  Size 4 is equivalent to a Small and can fit most size 2 and petite women. I have converted most pieces from UK size to US, so the cut is a tad smaller to begin with.  I appreciate this question and promise to do better.

Where are you based out of?

MOXY Lounge is an online destination, open 24-7 and accessible worldwide.  I am a proud Washington, DC native and will always call DC my home!  Washington, DC is also slated to become the future home of MOXY Lounge.

How can we all stay connected with you and the website?


IG: @MOXYLounge

 (731) Got-MOXY

 I will keep your readers posted with additional connections as we grow!


Going Coo Coo for Bathing Suits

Going Coo Coo for Bathing Suits
I am on a countdown for Miami and am on the hunt for bathing suits. I haven’t gone shopping for any in years because bathing suits are one of those things you wear once or twice a year. I occasionally shop for pieces to mix with my current bathing suits but I think it is time for some new pieces.
I am loving the new sportswear inspired bathing suits. Those are the bathing suits I am on the serious hunt for.
I got a few suggestions for affordable bathing suits such as Forever 21 and H&M. Where would you all suggest or where have you been searching for bathing suits at?

Lisa marie fernandez swimwear

Bandeau swimwear
$170 –

Workout Time!

Workout Time
So now that the warm weather has returned, the outdoor working out is about to be in full effect!!! If this post goes up and I did not run, I will be angry with myself. I’m trying to get healthy again because with good health comes more energy. I feel like I am always tired and that is from the lack of working out.
Wish me luck! =)

Sports bra

Forever 21

Kiehl s kiehl s

YSL Launches Baby Doll Mascara



I don’t know about anyone else but I am a mascara queen. I will spend top dollars on a mascara because lashes I think are my beauty thing. It makes my lashes pop and then my eyes pop. It just brings everything together. Ok, enough of my rambling.

The Baby Doll mascara is the latest addition to Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s strong Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils franchise.

This is due out later this month so be on the lookout because I know I will be.

Its formula — which has two patents — was inspired by graphene, a carbon crystal with a honeycomb structure, explained Stephan Bezy, international general manager of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté at L’Oréal, adding: “The way it’s disbursed is ultrathin, ultraresistant and ultrabendable, as well.”

Bezy said for the formulation the L’Oréal laboratories combined a new generation of exclusive polymers, a texturizing agent and soft waxes, allowing for lengthening and curling effects.

“It mimics this graphene structure, so the way the molecules are layered and combined with each other creates a super-extra-thin film,” he continued. “What’s interesting is that the polymers are transparent, so they allow a perfect dispersion of the pigment. It creates a very even, homogenous color film.”

The mascara “is very buildable, but in a very clean way,” said Bezy.

Baby Doll’s elastomer brush also boasts two patents. The wand alternates thick and wide-spaced bristles with finer, more closely spaced bristles to deposit color and define lashes.

Cara Delevingne (wearing Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane) appears in the single- and double-page advertising for Baby Doll photographed by Terry Richardson.

At launch, the mascara will come in black, blue, brown and violet.

“We decided we wanted to create a Baby Doll attitude,” said Bezy. So the whole look involves a YSL Vernis à Lèvres and La Laque Couture in pink, plus six eyeliners, including two limited-edition versions, in pink and in gold.

While YSL executives would not discuss numbers, industry sources estimate the Baby Doll mascara will generate 15 million euros to 20 million euros, or $19.5 million to $26 million at current exchange, in first-year wholesale revenues worldwide.

The new mascara will be introduced in the U.S. on March 17 through On April 15, the entire line is to be available on that site and in Sephora in the U.S. On May 15, the collection will be available in other retailers countrywide.

The international rollout includes: France on April 29, the U.K. on May 22 and Germany on June 1 — when there will also be a general launch in Spain after an exclusive in Sephora there starting on May 27. Russia is due to get the line on June 1 and Italy in early June.

In the U.S., Baby Doll will be priced at $30, and in Europe it is to be 33 euros, or $42.90.

The Baby Doll name was first used by YSL for a fragrance in 1999.

The Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils was introduced one year later. Among prestige mascaras, it ranks first in France, second in the U.K. and third in Italy, according to YSL executives. The line has subsequently been developed to include products such as Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking.

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