Artist Feature

IMG_7166Aaisya, tell me a little bit about yourself and things you like to do.

I love all things that scream art! New music, architecture, home decor, FASHION, contemporary, performance, installation and low brow art. I also love traveling, yoga is my religion and I maintain a very strict and healthy lifestyle as a vegetarian.

When did you discover that art was a passion of yours?

I was always artistic ever since I was a little girl. I didn’t take my passion seriously until I came to A&T. Thats when I realized people were really noticing my talent in art, so I decided to take an art class. And ya, now I’m here as a professional artist with an MFA.

I personally love art and love that you can take it many different directions. I have done visuals myself but only with clothing. How did you get into doing installations? Do you work with a particular company doing that?

I got into installations during my thesis at Howard University. My pieces were 2-Dimensional and I wanted it to get it completely off the wall so I can have the freedom to turn these whimsical formations into sculptures. So after grad school I took that idea and started playing around with my paper cones. My friend from Cincinnati spoke so highly of my artwork that he introduced me to a girl who owned a boutique not too far from my studio. We held a meeting and I showed her my portfolio. She was so confident in my work, that she wanted me to create her window displays for the year. It was a challenge but an exciting one! I definitely perfected my skills when creating my crystal like structures made out of paper. The Boutique that my work is held at is called Couture Couture in Over The Rhine which is pretty much a block away from Downtown Cincinnati. I’ve also did work at another store on the same street called Original Thought Required (O.T.R.) I have such a good repoire with both store owners that hopefully I can do future work after this year is up.

I’m also building my resume, so luckily when I move back to the east coast in June I can work with other business.

What are some upcoming projects we can look out to see some of your work?

I just finished an art contract with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital so you can see my most recent work in the fall when the exhibit is officially installed. If anyone would like to look online or visit the hospital if you find yourself in Cincinnati, that’s an option too, I’m a part of their permanent collection. I also did cover art for a singer coming out with an EP in June, the artist’s name is Aiva Redflower. And, currently I’m in the process of finally finishing my new paper series, and I’ll be entering shows in 2014.

How can we view some of your pieces and stay connected? Do you have a website?

You can view my work on And if anything pops up as far as an art show I’m currently in I will definitely let you know!

IMG_8117IMG_8352photo (16)couture couture


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