Dry Bar Review

IMG1695Hey Guys!!!

So I have been ready to get this post up for a week now but I had a chance to go back for a second time. I will start out with my first experience. My friend needed a model because she had to go through a few training’s with various hairstyles that are available for clients before she could officially start working there.

The first experience was in a different room, it was more like a private room with other stylists doing different hair types with various styles to pass to make it to work there. I started out with a pink lemonade drink, unfortunately this location does not serve alcoholic beverages but this drink was delicious. We then headed to the hair bowl which is amazing because it fits the back of your neck in the bowl perfectly.

Next, we figured out exactly what hairstyle I wanted and it was called Straight Up. This hairstyle was more of a test run for me because I had never been to Dry Bar and I had never tried any of their products. We started out with Hot Toddy to protect the hair from the heat of the blow dryer and Moroccan Oil Hydrating Cream.IMG1704Next the trainer/teacher was more so checking to make sure my friend was blow drying the hair correctly and giving a lot of input. I thought the blow out turned out nice. They do use a flat iron which is Dry Bar’s brand but the flat iron is made from Bionic which did not burn my hair nor change the texture of it.

We finished out the style with 100 Proof Treatment Oil and Money Maker Flexible Holding Spray. I’m not usually big on hairsprays but I was trying to be open. ┬áThis hairstyle lasted me for about two days due to humidity as well as probably the hair spray on my hair type. I still think it was a good job for if I had to spend $40 and didn’t really want to deal with my hair.

IMG1716IMG1712IMG1713IMG1721Second Review

I actually got to go a second time last minute because my friend needed a hair model. This was the big day because this determined if she got the job or not which she did of course! =)

We started out as if I was a client and we got to sit at the main station which is out in the open. The salon keeps fresh flowers throughout the salon and the decor is superb. The white chairs and marble counter is just beautiful. I started out with a wash again and I choose the Hot Toddy hairstyle which is a hairstyle done on shorter hair types.


I thought that this go round turned out better because my friend was in her element without many distractions of the teacher/trainer giving input. We used the Hot Toddy product and the Soda Cream this go round. It was a lot less products used which I actually prefer because my hair is so much more bouncy.

IMG1751I thought the second go round was much better and faster. My hair was amazing! I think it will last a few days despite this mini heat wave we are about to get but we’ll see. Go see Imani at the Bethesda location!!! =)


Here are some pictures from the interior of the salon::


The Dry Bar

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