Trendy Wood Watch with a Purpose Feature!!

Have you heard about these Spring Break Watches? Well if you haven’t heard of these watches, it’s time to hear their story.


Since our first day of college in ’04, finding edgy accessories & clothes to make us stand out and look cool was a top priority. This includes colorful sneakers, beaded chains, outrageous fraternity gear, & fashionable shades. In spite of all these options, we both had a mutual obsession & infatuation with dope watches.

After years of professional training between the both of us, which includes a couple of graduate degrees, combat tours in Iraq & Afghanistan, and corporate experience, we felt it was definitely time to revisit our obsession with watches and to launch the product of our dreams.


Collectively, we discovered watch industry was lacking originality. We looked around and everyone was wearing the same metal linked watch or a colored silicone watch. In addition to the complacency, we noticed that the other wood watches in the market were EXTREMELY over-priced and were, for lack of a better word, plain & boring. They looked very simple and didn’t embody the feel of a REAL watch.


This lack of watch diversity inspired us to create our own new watch, so that we could provide watch enthusiasts, like you, with unique & self-expressive watches that are stylish, moderately priced, and environmentally friendly.

After years of brainstorming, we finally decided on how to differentiate our product & create a unique watch that was different but didn’t have a negative impact on the environment. As a result, we chose to use sustainable wood as our main material for our watches, which was one of the best decisions of our lives.

These watches go towards ending child hunger in America and I am all for good causes, creativity, and a watch that is super stylish and can be worn with anything.

What do you all think about these watches? How would you add this watch to your trendy outfit?

image-3Contact info:

SpringBreak Wood Watches
Twitter, IG, Pinterest: @woodwatches

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