Emijaa Jaaemil Jewelry Feature!!!


Some history about you.

My name is Emijaa Jaaemil – I work for a corporate law firm by day and jewelry designer both day and night. I graduated with a BS in Journalism from St. Johns University which is where I took my first and only class in jewelry design. I started making jewelry in 2008 but officially launched my jewelry line in Fall 2009. Currently, I handcraft my jewelry out of my Brooklyn apt.

I would like to know the description of your line and how you were inspired.

My jewelry is handcrafted wire wrapped accessories using artistic wire and crystal beads and/or semi-precious stones. I love things that are unique and make a statement. I’m inspired by everything – colors, shapes, past designs… I’m always looking for ways to evolve the jewelry I have already made…

How long you have been making jewelry.

I’ve been making jewelry for 5 years…

What are some inspiring jewelry lines that have influenced your direction with making jewelry.

Some lines I absolutely love are – Dannijo, Fenton and Fallon, Lionette, Lulu Frost, Gemma Redux… I love classic pieces… to me it’s important to wear something thats bold but still classy…. I’m not a fringe and feather kinda gal…

And last how can we stay connected and purchase your pieces.

You can find Emijaa Jaaemil Jewelry on: Instagram and Twitter @EmijaaJaaemil; Facebook @EmijaaJaaemilJewelry but most importantly – my online shop… http://shop.emijaajaaemil.com


3 thoughts on “Emijaa Jaaemil Jewelry Feature!!!

  1. I love a mixture of ethnic, classy and vintage…. if that makes sense. Her line is classic with a hunt of ethnic in there. I like!!!!

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