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Since I’ve been on bed rest for over a week now…I have been Instagram surfing. I ran across a picture of sandals made out of rope. Sounds weird right but they look amazing and have an interesting story behind them.

‘Here at RopeSouls, we believe in the old adage “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”.   Not only does handing the poor money or free shoes, not address any real long term problems, it can also create other problems like putting local shoemakers out of business.

We believe in investing in people, providing the resources and opportunities necessary for our brothers and sisters to lift themselves out of poverty and create a better life for themselves and their families.’

This is how it works.

‘Rope sandals have several attributes that make it a great tool for helping people in need.  They are simple and hand made by welding strands of soft rope together with a simple heat source, which means that people in impoverished places who don’t have access to a lot of tools, supplies or education can be taught with some simple instructions and training how to make them.   Not only does this provide a low cost shoe that is lightweight, durable and comfortable to the local people, but it also provides jobs and a way for people to lift themselves out of poverty and improve their lives.

RopeSouls would also like to offer these rope shoes to our amazing customers in The U.S.A. where they will be able to help their brothers across the globe by buying their products directly through our site.’

You all are probably wondering what RopeSouls, Rope Sandals, are. These sandals have been created from soft carpet fibers. You can wear these sandals in no matter the terrain, streets, dirt trails, rock, sand, scrambling boulders, repelling down cliffs, or going in and out of water.

The features of these sandals are 100% handmade, durable and comfortable, washable, chlorine and salt water resistant, lightweight, great for traveling, adjustable and forms to your foot, and vegan and earth friendly.

Rope sandals generally run the same size as your other shoes, but are more flexible with an adjustable strap in the back. For this reason it is better to order them a little bigger. If you normally wear a half size, like 10 1/2, it would be better to buy an 11. Just slide the back rope up to tighten it.

Currently RopeSouls has partnered with a small village in Mexico, where the rope sandals are 100% handmade. In the future our goal is to have the sandals made by the people we are trying to help around the world.

Here is how you can stay connected with RopeSouls:


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