This Skinny Girl Likes to Eat Too Edition

If you all don’t know already, Recess is now a tapas lounge. They do still have the parties here and there but they wanted to expand a little. Who doesn’t love tapas? I remember going to Recess in March because a friend offered a free dinner for my friends and I. We went and all ordered various dishes, the food was okay. Their wasn’t anything that stuck out to me and made me want to return.

I made another trip to Recess about two weeks ago with a friend of mine who is currently working there. The ambiance seemed different. The tables were set up a lot better. The FOOD was fantab! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I ordered for my first dish the empanada cubana which can come with beef, chicken, or cod fish. I’m a big chicken fan so mine came with chicken. It was paired with a great tasting pico de gallo and two other dipping sauces to go with it.


The next dish was the wings which could come in four to five flavors. I believe I ordered the barbeque which was delicious. They came with a dipping sauce that I do not believe was ranch, I hate ranch, and it paired nicely.


I ended my meal with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that came with a beautiful garnish that was edible.


I was overall impressed with my experience at this restaurant. The pricing was reasonable, the ambiance was calm and relaxing, and the food was FABULOUS! I give this place 4.5 out of 5.

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