New Friendship Heights H&M Review

I made my way to the new H&M in Friendship Heights last Thursday and got in line at 9:30am. Early, right? The only reason I went early was in hope of a $50 or more gift card. They gave gift cards out to the first 100 people in line. They also gave out these duffel bags with goodies inside.


I felt like I waited forever!!! But it was worth it. I met some younger Wilson Tigers in line so we chit chatted it up, that helped to make the time go by. They gave out cupcakes from Georgetown cupcakes which I have to say were yummy. Georgetown cupcakes has definitely worked on the icing.


Time finally passed and at 11:30am they gave us the hold cards for your place in line and to make sure you received a gift card. In my spot in line some people left and others changed their place in line which messed up what I would’ve won. I ended up winning a $10 gift card but if I was in the same place I was in when I arrived I would’ve won a $50 gift card. Grrr. But I still ended up getting some great and cheap things.


I found two necklaces from a collection I didn’t think they carried anymore which were originally $12.95 and I got them for $5 each, WINNING! Then I found this cute cropped bra top with pineapples for $4.95 that I thought was adorable. So in the end, I ended up spending only $5.25. I think my wait in line was worth it. Wouldn’t you say so?

20130801_114250Wilson Tigers I met in line. Hey Gals!20130801_12060320130801_12071720130801_120726

I will have to say that this H&M looks better than any of the other H&M’s  that I have seen in DC. The clothing selection was pretty great. The store is three floors but not too big and not too small. The men’s section looked pretty nice in the basement so guys definitely make your way for affordable fashion staples.


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