Restaurant Week Has Begun!!!

If you all don’t already know, Restaurant Week has begun in DC!!! WOOP!! Have you all made your reservations yet? If not, GET ON IT!!! It goes until Sunday and you must reserve. On OpenTable, you can actually get points for some of the places you go.

I made a reservation for this particular spot a little bit before Restaurant Week was fully announced because it is super hard to reserve after a certain point. The food is just that great. I did a reservation at Rasika which is modern Indian cuisine. This place has gotten endless great reviews which is what I’m always looking to get a taste of.

20130819_14014820130819_150330My  lunch date. 😉

I invited a good friend of mine on this venture where we were able to catch up about life and enjoy good eats. We started off with the Palak Chaat which has crispy baby spinach, sweet yogurt, tamarind, and date chutney. This was highly recommended by everyone and it was definitely different and delicious. The other appetizer we ordered was the Samosa Chaat which has chick-peas, sweet yogurt, date, and tamarin chutney. This was my favorite of the two appetizers just because I love samosas but both were still delicious.


We also ordered Chai tea which is amazing especially from an Indian restaurant. It just made everything come together. Our next dish was the entree. I ordered the Malwani Lamb Curry which has poppy seeds, goda masalam and cocunut. (This could be totally wrong because the dishes almost sounded alike.)  My friend ordered the Kori Gassi which has chicken, coriander aka cilantro, and fenugreek seeds. That dish was delicious!! We had sides of Basmati Rice and Naan which is probably some of the best bread I’ve had in LIFE!


We ended with dessert which was Rose Lychee Ice Cream just because I love Lychee. =) We also ordered Mango Paracotta which was interesting and they accidentally brought out Coconut Lime Sorbet and they ;et us keep it. I think my ice cream  was the best of the three.


This food was rich with flavor and super filling. You didn’t need a lot of it to feel full at all which is my type of eating. The ambiance and service is superb. This is a great spot for an intimate dinner. I’ve also heard you can run into a few well-known here occasionally. I give this place a 4 out of 5.


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