The Last of Restaurant Week in DC…

My last stop for Restaurant Week in DC was Ris which is apparently on all kinds of top places to eat lists. I heard about it from a friend who is a chef and knows good food. I decided to try it out this go round. The layout is quite fancy. I would go to this place dressed up.


My friend and I arrived a little before our reservation but they seated us upon arrival which was nice. I noticed as we were sitting that the lights dimmed a little around 8:30pm. It felt somewhat intimate but a lot of people were there with their friends.

But onto the menu, we glanced over it a few times and everything sounded interesting. I was at first nervous to order anything but you have to live a little. I knew I wanted a drink but wasn’t sure what but then I ran across a Ginger Beer that was $12 and thought this has to be good and it was soooo good! I need to find this beer again. I decided to just split it with my friend since I’m normally a slow beer drinker.


I started out with the Gazpacho as my appetizer which comes with garlic croutons, chopped egg and tomato granita. This was the first time ever having Gazpacho and I’ve been missing out. It was delicious. I never thought I would like a cold soup but I do.


The main course I ordered was the  Grilled Hanger Steak on horseradish cream with caramelized beets, roasted new potatoes, kale and fried onion crisps. The steak was medium well but cooked to perfection. Probably the best steak I’ve had in my life with how everything worked together. The only think I didn’t like about this dish was the fried onion crisps, they could’ve done without in my opinion.


The last dish was the dessert, yum!!! I ordered the Summer Parfait which comes with blackberry mousse, peaches and cream,  granita and angel food cake.



My friend got some amazing dessert as well. Her dish was Torrone Semifreddo which is made with hazelnut nougat, valrhona chocolate, espresso. It was super rich with the espresso flavor. Neither of us could eat much of it.


Here is a picture of me enjoying the chocolate cane stick.


Here is a picture of my date for the evening styling on em!


I highly recommend Ris as a restaurant to try out. The food is superb. The service is excellent as well. I love the ambiance especially at night. It’s somewhat secluded so it’s pretty quiet where it is located. I give it a 5 out of 5.

Also for those that don’t know Alexandria has begun their Restaurant Week this week. Get those reservations in!


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