Jersey Shore Escape

I did yet another getaway but to Jersey Shore this go round and I was about 30 minutes from Atlantic City. It was a super interesting experience because it was almost like another land. Their weren’t any black people there so we were looked at like aliens on occasion which was so weird.  It wasn’t even diverse. I know there are places where only one race live but I’m so used to diversity, it was a shocker.


It is definitely a beautiful place with beautiful houses. It was super peaceful and the food was GREAT! I didn’t eat anything that didn’t taste good on the whole trip. That’s shocking but I love good food. The first night we got to the city around 9pm and decided to grab a bite at a pizza spot nearby. We went to Piccini which had some the most amazing pizza I have had in my life. I got the margherita pizza and my friend got the margherita pizza with sausage. I think our eyes were bigger than our mouths ordering a 12 inch for each of us. It was definitely a good snack the next day.


Because the island we were on was a dry island, meaning NO LIQUOR, we had to run back over the bridge to get liquor when the liquor store closed at 10pm. We were a little too late but we found a bar that sells liquor nearby and got a big bottle of Shiraz by Yellow Tail. It was good. I can’t say I’ve had Shiraz from that brand but I will definitely try it again.


We ended our first after eating and went to the house to have girl talk and watch trash tv. I also picked up some ice cream from Aunt Betty’s in Birthday Cake and it was so fresh and had mini particles of cake in the ice cream.  It was a good chill night. I enjoyed a relaxing night of lounging.

20130907_183859The next morning we got up and got breakfast at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House which was delish as well. I got the english muffin with sunny side eggs, cheese, and ham. It was like the perfect size sandwich.


After breakfast it was time to hit the beach. The walk to the beach was a little surreal with the sky being perfect and all the houses are huge and well kept. It was a super peaceful walk and the weather was perfect at 77 degrees.


After the beach we decided to hit some of the shops they have there. I found some amazing hats. I was on a hat craze for some reason. I also picked up a few souvenirs. I wasn’t used to not paying tax, that was weird but I loved it.


We decided we were hungry and picked up some Chinese food which was not good, probably the worse Chinese I’ve ever had. LOL! So don’t eat that if you go to Jersey Shore. But I did land a cool fortune.


My sister and her friend finally got there and we all decided we were making it out to Atlantic City that night. The club was a flop but there was some luck at the slots and with food. My friend won about $84 and I won $26. I wish I won the $84 but $26 is way more than I spent to win that.  We stopped at Wet Willies first and then later ate at Broadway Burger Bar. I ordered the Turkey BLT Burger which comes with apple wood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and provolone cheese on a whole wheat bun with french fries. I would definitely suggest to eat there if going to the Tropicana Hotel.


This was pretty much the end of the trip because we left the next day but not before I picked up the hat I thought about the entire night at the vintage store I picked up before I left. This was a good, peaceful getaway.



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