Beauty Secret 101

Hey Guys and Gals,

If you all don’t know already, I work in the skincare industry and am always open to try various products in the market. There are some of us that shave, wax, or just don’t have a clue of how to get rid of those hairs that we wish didn’t exist in areas we would rather not talk about. LOL!

Well I am here to give a beauty secret and that is that I use a product that you use in the shower called Sally Hansen Brush-On-in-Shower. It is an odorless, painless hair remover that you leave on for about 3 minutess but can be lft on for no longer than 10 minutes which is usually the amount of time I leave it on (shhhh…keep it a secret…lol).

I got this product years ago and I fell in love with it the first time I used it. You have to leave this product on for 1 minute before getting in the shower on dry skin.  The only tricky thing is that you have to get in the shower backwards because wherever the product is, it can’t get wet. You are supposed to rinse it off and not wipe but wiping I feel is more affective but be gentle.

The hair removal might last a week so waxing is probably the best option. But for something last minute like going to the beach, it’s perfect. I highly recommend it. I got mine from Ulta for about $8. Ulta sends me coupons all the time so you can probably get it cheaper. It is a must have for my essentials that I can’t live without.


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