There is a new restaurant in the Georgetown neighborhood and I was lucky enough to get an invite. I made a reservation for 9pm and got there not knowing what exactly I was getting myself into. I went with a friend of mine. I was able to try as many dishes as I wanted on the menu. I know Italian but apparently not as great as I thought I did.

DSC_0427DSC_0428Shahidah of The Social Butterfly

I had choices of cured meats, olives, pizza, veal, steak, and more. I tried as much as my eyes could inhale. This restaurant offers a lot of small plates so a great place for a date or a group. I might make my way back soon but let me get into what I actually had to eat.

We started out with Burrata e Zucchini which was marinated zucchini ribbons and burrata cheese. This reminded me of pickles but thinly sliced and it was delicious. The next dish was Prosciutto san Daniele which was various meats which I pretty much ate on my own but it could definitely be shared with a group of two or three. Next was the warm brick oven mixed olive jar. I am an olive fanatic so this was right up my alley.



We then decided we wanted a filling meal so we went for the Margherita Classica which is one of my favorite types of pizza. I probably order this type of pizza every time I have a chance to order it. It was delicious! I might go back in a few weeks just to get another pizza. The thing Italians are great with are breads. The bread was perfect.

DSC_0444 DSC_0445


So I thought this was all the food I was eating and we had some really nice neighbors who sat next to us and they shared various dishes with us. They ordered Costoletta di Vitello which was a Grilled 10 oz Veal Porterhouse, Mushroom Cream Sauce, Fried Polenta, and Broccoli Rabe. I got to try the Fried Polenta which was amazing. The dish itself was almost too beautiful to eat.



I ordered dessert which was three choices of Gelato of your choice; I chose lavender lemon, chocolate, and pistachio. My favorite flavors were the pistachio and the lemon lavender. My friend and I were trying to figure out how they managed to get the lavender in there. My friend ordered the “doughnuts” which were bready if you like that texture with a sweet dipping sauce.


Our neighbors ordered a dessert as well but by this time we were stuffed and we could not eat anymore.


I also snagged a signed menu from the Chef so that was exciting. =)



This was pretty much the end to the night but being a fashionista, I couldn’t end the night without getting pictures of the outfit.

DSC_0453DSC_0451 CSC_0456 DSC_0455

What am I wearing?

Vest BB Dakota/ Shirt Anthropologie/ Bag Phillip Lim for Target/ Pants Gap/ Shoes Dolce Vita

P.S. I just read they have Prosecco on tap…I will be back SOON! =)




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