From UrbanDaddy to You

Buy One, Get One. All Day. Outside.
Well, at least it’s going to be nice all week. So sleep in, then head to DC Reynolds’s 25-foot bar out back, where they’re upping the ante on their usual buy-one, get-one-free happy hour. By starting it at11am. We’re not even sure Congress will be awake by then.
Mon-Fri throughout shutdown, 11am-9pm, DC Reynolds, 3628 Georgia Ave NW, 202-506-7178
Coffee. Ping-Pong. Wi-Fi. The West Wing.
At least someone is catering to your needs. Like the folks at Sixth & I, who are turning two of its rooms into “Shutdown Central”—a daily setup of gratis food, coffee, wi-fi, ping-pong, board games andWest Wing reruns. Martin Sheen would never have let this happen.
Mon-Fri throughout shutdown, 10am, Sixth & I, 600 I St NW, 202-408-3100
Like Happy Hour on Steroids
The longer the shutdown drags on, the longer your happy hour drags on at Urbana. Tonight, you can get your $8 pizzas, $7 cocktails and dollar oysters for an extra hour, till 8pm. Tomorrow, things will go until 9pm, and Thursday till 10pm. Because you may not have to get up the next day.
Mon-Thu throughout shutdown, 4pm, Urbana at the Hotel Palomar, 2121 P St NW, 202-956-6650

Info from UrbanDaddy


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