Beauty Secret 101

We have now come to a time when everyone is holding onto those dollars even tighter with the government shutdown. Me on the other hand has been frugal frannie since I can remember. I am here to give some beauty secrets of my own that can save you money and cut corners here and there.

I went to Ulta and purchased a product that would allow me to arch my eyebrows at home. I have not been to the nail shop in about a month now with starting to arch them myself. This is of course trial and error every time right now. Things you will need to be successful are eyebrow tweezers, an eyebrow brush, and scissors small enough to help cut excess hair from your eyebrows.

I got a kit by Parissa that comes with mini wax strips so that means no messy hot wax. I think this kit is genius. The kit comes with instructions as well as oil to use where you waxed your eyebrows to soothe the irritation. I would suggest doing this at night and not before going out. I did it one day before work, not a good idea. LOL!

Once you get in the groove, it is super easy. I am getting better and better every time and I have saved money.



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