Fashion Do’s & Don’ts for GHOE

Homecoming is literally next week and some of us are all packed and ready to go.  And others are still running to the malls and overnighting orders.  One thing we want to keep in mind is that it will be Fall in Greensboro, NC so please do not forget those jackets and coats.  I do hope there is coat check or that will just be foolery!

So first on the list is body type and shape. Look for clothing that flatters your figure as opposed to shatters it.  Blazers are so an everyday thing but can be that piece that saves the outfit.  I know black is a boring color but I haven’t seen anyone that looks bad in it, capish?  There are also maroons, browns, dark oranges and forest greens that would not be too bright for the fall season.

Next are shoes…here we go.  If you plan on wearing an open toe shoe, first make sure the toes are polished and manicured.  Next, we do not need any toe over the front of the shoe going on. There are tons of things you can find at your local DSW or CVS that you can stick under the ball of your foot to keep your foot in place at all times.  Also, make sure the shoes you plan on wearing, you can walk in because otherwise you will be uncomfortable and everyone else will know you are uncomfortable.

Make up….this is always an interesting topic. I go for the nude eye (eyeliner and mascara), pink cheek, and bold lip but everyone is different.  All I ask that this is not the time to try something insane that you have never tried before.  If you have done the bold eye and lip and it works, stick with it but this is not the time to walk around looking like a clown. I will laugh.  And plus we are all beautiful, we don’t need a bunch of make-up. =)

Hair….this topic will have various opinions but I shall voice my own. I’m low maintenance and have never worn weave (other than braids) in my life.  But what I do know is a bad weave and so does everyone else.  Make sure that hair is laid for the gods!  If weave is not for you, rock the natural.  There are tons of cute natural hairstyles that can be done,  have fun!

Now this ends my Do’s and Don’ts for GHOE!

Aggie Pride!


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