Where to Eat on Thanksgiving in the DMV?

Some of us will be cooking for Thanksgiving or going to meet with loved ones to enjoy this day. If you don’t feel like cooking or would rather someone else cook, here is a list of places to go.

I was super curious to hear that people would be interested in places to go.

Here goes the list:

Clyde’s: $25.95 per person – http://www.clydes.com

Rosa Mexicano – http://www.rosamexicano.com/

Carolina Kitchen – If you are looking for a  full meal to be prepared that you can pick up, this is the place for you. – http://thecarolinakitchen.com/

These are a few for sure places that have pretty good food. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! Eat Up!


Ted’s Bulletin for Brunch!

Their aren’t many weekends that I get to go to brunch so I wanted to make this time count. I heard about Ted’s Bulletin on 14th and wanted to get in on the great food. When you walk in, you feel like you have gone back in time to the 30’s. The story about Ted is quite interesting, I’ll let you read that yourself.

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DCity Smokehouse Launches with Revive-On-the-Go

I got a special invite to the opening of the DCity Smokehouse launching with Revive-On-The-Go. I had never even heard of this place and am so happy I am discovering it. It is definitely a place you need to add on your go to food spots. It isn’t much space for sitting down and eating but you can eat it on the go, dangerous, or just be patient and eat it once you get to your destination.

Revive-On-The-Go (the dine-out arm of Revive Events and Catering in the Bloomingdale neighborhood)  is the highly sought-after eatery that will be serving up classic savory barbecue dishes with an artisan touch.

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