Ted’s Bulletin for Brunch!

Their aren’t many weekends that I get to go to brunch so I wanted to make this time count. I heard about Ted’s Bulletin on 14th and wanted to get in on the great food. When you walk in, you feel like you have gone back in time to the 30’s. The story about Ted is quite interesting, I’ll let you read that yourself.


The food comes in good portions so you get what you pay for. I love places like this because I walk out and I am full and satisfied. I went with one of my friends and we both ordered that same meal and the same drinks, LOL! We are ordered The Big Mark Breakfast which comes with 3 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, hash browns, toast and homemade pop tart. The homemade pop tart is a must try because I don’t like pop tarts but I am in love with their pop tarts. This place had me ready to take a serious nap afterwards. All the food was cooked to perfection! We ordered a regular mimosa and a pomegranate mimosa which were both pretty tasty.

IMG_20131117_14434920131117_14332920131117_14330420131117_160227IMG_20131117_143039 20131117_142950

I decided to get a few pictures from the front which has an outside bar from the restaurant and you can order a few things to go including the pop tarts and other amazing pastries.



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