Daikaya for Dinner!

One of my very good friends that I have now known for about 6 years, time flies sheesh, is leaving me to go to the most amazing city, NYC. I had to make sure we met up for dinner and of course at a great food spot, it was a MUST!

I chose Daikaya which specializes in ramen and it is hands down amazing! Get there early because we waited for about 30 – 45 minutes for our table for 3, a friend came in town from NYC. When we were seated, we sat right at the kitchen which is starting to become my favorite seat at any restaurant. I had never been here but this place was on my go to list.

The music alone in this place had me in a dancing, upbeat mood. Great music and the staff is awesome. Very laid back and cool.

We all ordered the same dish which was the Spicy Miso Ramen which had a little kick to it but the most amazing kick you will probably taste. My goal is to try all the great ramen spots in this area. This dish comes with a spicy ramen broth which has the right balance, depth, and complexity as they state on their site. They use shiro-miso, which is white miso, for this ramen. All the ramen is topped with roast pork : chasu, bean sprouts, onions, garlic, ground pork, nori, and scallions. I got a side of eggs which definitely added to the greatness of the soup.

I split the dumplings which were delish as well but I couldn’t eat it all alone. When I say I was full after this soup, I was full and burning up for a little bit. LOL! I washed it down with Sopparo, my favorite japanese beer with a side of water to cool off with.

I would recommend this spot for a small group or even alone because of the set up. It is always packed in this place. I enjoyed my experience.



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