Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday
All of these pieces are from H&M.  I am loving the pieces that are soon to come for this Spring/Summer season at H&M.  I put the thought bubble “LOVE” pillow next to that yellow short sleeve sweatshirt because I need it!  LOL!  I luckily got to try it on but it wasn’t in my size.  It is super comfortable and cute!  Super Bowl Sunday is a time of the year to dress relaxed, cute, and sporty.  I thought of the shades as hater blockers especially if your team is either winning or losing.  The boyfriend jeans are just  a piece that will never go away and looks good with so many different looks.  The shoes are very unique.  You also have to have a cool purse to go along with your outfit.  Most of these pieces are only available in the UK at this time but will in the US soon. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!!

Sunday Funday Attire

Sunday Funday Attire
It’s supposed to be cold this Sunday and I needed some inspiration to be cute and warm.  The shirt itself will let you know first hand that I would never be at brunch at 11am, just not happening!  Lol!  But I am looking forward to brunch! 😉

Winter Giveaway!


This cold weather has inspired me to do a giveaway.  This product just launched at the end of December so most people haven’t even seen it or tried it.  This is a Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Hydrating Masque.  This time of the year makes us want to hydrate the skin as much as we can to keep the dryness and frost bites away. Continue reading

Girls Season 3 Premiere

eye-girls-premiere01Picture from WWD

Thanks to Shecky’s I was able to attend the premiere of Season 3 of Girls.  The show has been my favorite since it started. It’s such a wild show and it takes place in New York City.  These girls are not Sex and City glam girls which I love about it.  These girls go through losing jobs, not getting the jobs they want, guy issues, and more. I love it!  Continue reading

Welcome to 2014!

A new year is the time where you can start fresh. It’s a great feeling. I will say that I was not expecting a snow storm the first week of the new year. LOL!

I need to make a promise to do more blog posts. I have been putting so much energy into transitioning to my new job, into my internship, and just being plain old tired. I should probably write out a schedule of what I want to write about so it’s a little more organized.

One other goal this year is a lot less shopping. I was going to go cold turkey and do no shopping but I can do essentials, clothing swaps, thrift, or if it’s a piece I can wear to work. I’m keeping it to a minimum.

But anywho, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and try to recycle your fashion trends throughout the seasons!