MeUndies Review

As I’m roaming the internet, I somehow stumble upon a site called  These aren’t just any pair of underwear, they are made out of Lenzing Modal which is extracted from the beech tree, Lenzing is very unique.  This is grown in Europe and directly from beechwood forests.  MeUndies has a flat lock sticking which is the most comfortable stitching technique in the industry. Supreme comfort and incredible durability. They are moisture wicking, anti-microbial, and retains color & non-fading.

My experience with the women’s brief, I LOVE WOMEN’S BRIEFS by the way!!!, were hands down amazing and worth every penny I spent on them. They normally go for $20 but I scored a mystery discount of 60% off so this was my chance to go for it.  I know that I have the constant issue of boyshorts or women’s briefs giving me wedgies which I hate. One of my main reason as to why I HATE THONGS! But anyway these underwear stayed in place the entire time and feel great…great….great! They are so cozy and I actually wish I ordered a small instead of an x-small but I now know that for next time.

I highly recommend these and they have men’s underwear as well.  Here is a 20% off code for those that want to go for it and give them a try, 23FHJ2.

Happy Undies Shopping! 😛



2 thoughts on “MeUndies Review

  1. For some reason, this blog posted was linked in a Facebook ad titled “Upgrade Your Underwear Drawer This Fall” (despite the post being dated in February) and featuring a photo of some blond surfer woman who bears little resemblance to the photo on the right of Ms. J. Did some advertiser actually think some random blonde would generate more clicks than a photo of Ms. J?

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