Day Party Wear Do’s & Don’ts

So even though snow seems to not want to let us live like Spring didn’t start last week, the day parties have begun.  I always look at what people have on at certain events and I analyze.  It’s just something someone into fashion is constantly doing.  LOL!

I noticed females in club dresses which is way overdressed for a daytime party.  If you do wear a dress, I would suggest a form fitting maxi dress or a cute flowy maxi dress. I know it’s tough to decide what is right and wrong to wear but I’m here for a little guidance. Why be uncomfortable when you can wear a pair of nice pants or jeans and still be cute.  You can have a great time in relaxed wear because I know I did. 😉

I also thought about guys and what they should wear to day parties and all the guys I saw were dressed exactly how they should be which was a button up and jeans or a t-shirt and jeans.  You guys are lucky that you can go from day to night in the same outfit depending on the type of party.

I just wanted to voice my opinion on this because I was confused at some of the outfits. I usually get dolled up for night parties but for a day party, beat the face, throw on a cute top, rock a pair of pants, and a cute shoe. YOU ARE SET!


T-Shirt – MINGAlondon

Harem Pants –

Bag –

Shoes –


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