This Skinny Girl Likes To Eat Too


Chef Richard Sandoval adds another amazing establishment to his list of restaurants.  This new spot is called Toro Toro. This is a Pan Latin Steakhouse with a mix of Latin American dinning and a trendy New York City-esque lounge environment.  This exactly how I felt sitting in this restaurant.  It took me to another place and to New York, I could definitely feel that.

I was invited to a night of tasting that literally lasted for two hours.  It was so much food to choose from. We also had unlimited drinks which are top notch. My friend and I decided to start out with the Rodizio which is when they come around with various meats on a stick and they cut off huge amounts for you to eat.  It is non-stop if you keep the sign they give you to see yes (keep going) or no (to stop). The meats include filet mignon, chicken (my fave), chorizo (which was real chorizo which was DELICIOUS), lamb, and two more. I swear we were full off the first round because of all the sides we had.

We started out with a bread that I was a huge fan of because it was a little cold but the tomato jam like topping was delicious.DSC_0500DSC_0503

Next up was the smoked guacamole with plantains. The plantains are off the hook DELICIOUS! The guacamole was pretty rememberable as well.DSC_0504

Next, all the meats started to show up and they would not stop. LOL! This is the chorizo cut of meat. YUMMY!


This slips my mind as to which meat this was. I don’t think I was a big fan of this cut.


Here are more appetizers. From left to right are the mash potatoes which were good but didn’t taste like anything I had already had. The middle was a seared seafood ceviche which I wasn’t a fan off because it was just too much seafood but if you like a lot of seafood then that is probably the dish for you. On the right was one of my favorites, asparagus. YUMS!


This was the chicken cut which was hands down my favorite. And that’s Elle of EatStylePlay. =)


This was the grilled octopus. I wasn’t a huge fan but Elle loved it!


These two were a little too seafood-y for me but these are top to bottom, the top being smoked swordfish dip and the bottom being ceviche nikkei.


This drink was the raspberry collins which contains bombay gin, fresh lemon juice (they freshly squeeze all cocktail juices), fresh raspberry simple syrup, and champagne.


This is another shot of the amazing interior. They did a hands down amazing job on designing this restaurant.


Oh, hey!, it’s just me.


Elle again. =)


This was from top to bottom, the top being chicharron de camarones and the bottom was yuca fries. It was only right to get those and they were good.


This drink was right up my alley. The main thing I remember about it is the ginger added to it. I love any drink with ginger added to it.


Last but not least was this amazing dessert which was called the La Bomba. It starts out as a chocolate bowl and they they drop it onto a plastic sheet and put two creamy toppings over the top. I would make a stop there just for this special dessert. Starting to crave it now. LOL!


I leave this post with saying this spot is definitely on the pricier side but you get what you pay for. The good service, the ambiance, and the exclusivity of the place. I say to go and check it out if you looking to splurge on an all around good experience.


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