As I scrolled through my email about a month ago, I see an invite to a blogger ride, and I have no idea what exactly I was getting myself into.  I rsvp with a yes and just count down to the day I can check this place out. 

I arrived late to Revolve due to over sleeping (yikes!) but they rush me in but not with my actual shoes I came in with but spinning shoes that actually attach to the pedals.  That was probably the most confusing thing on the planet.  The room is close to being dark, that concept was pretty interesting.  I get it though because you can spin without anyone really seeing you and you can get in your zone.

Within the first 15 minutes, my shoe flies off and I have to find it and try to lock it back in the foot pedal.  I magically get it locked in and I am ready to roll. There is a red knob in front of me and that will either add or take away resistance of the bike.  I had to learn this in the moment because I was late but I got the hang of it.

The music mix for this class was phenomenal. I wanted to get off the bike and dance. They actually have a page on their site labeled Tunes, where you can see what songs everyone is jamming to and you can download them for yourself. I think I shall!

But anyway, back to the spin class. I swear this spin class was about 2 hours but it was only 45 minutes. That is how intense it is. During breathers, we do arm exercises with weights which was much needed for me.  I was excited about that.

Afterwards, South Block Cafe which is located around the corner let us sample some of their in house made juices. They were really good. My favorite was Glow which was perfect! This one contains pineapple, apple fennel, aloe, lemon, and mint. Yum!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this new experience and I will definitely try to make it back.  The only thing I would suggest is bike shorts because it is super uncomfortable the first time you do spinning. I heard this is what happens to everyone the first spin class. When is the last time I rode a bike? Eh, I don’t even know! Lol!

DSC_0549 DSC_0551 DSC_0553 DSC_0554

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 Lauren of Doll Circa 1930


7 thoughts on “Revolve

  1. Rollin’ at your shoes flying off. But you put ’em right back on and kept on pedaling. Solider. lolol. Anywho, twas nice seeing you at the Blogger Ride.

    (pssst. Where’s the group photo?)

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