Bright Lights, Big City!


This was the name of the first ever Blogger’s only event at Merlot’s Masterpiece located at 1512 U Street NW.  This place is must go to! It is a hidden treasure.  I probably walked pass this place a million times and didn’t even know it.





I am one of the first few to arrive so I scope out the place. They have paitings around the room from previous classes that are very well done. I find my name tag with a wine glass. Oooo la la. 😉 I then start to mix and mingle with new bloggers and take part in the red wine they have.  I love red wine!  They also had some delicious cheese and crackers and cupcakes.






 Waverly’s cupcake sandwich.  I will definitely try that with my next cupcake.



Naysea of The 7th District  & Waverly of Pich & Roor

The session starts out with the instructor telling us the use of the different brushes and how to keep the brushes from going bad while painting our masterpieces.  We all paint the same picture with the instruction from main painter. We are open to take the painting the direction we want which is nice. The artist told us that there is no way to make a mistake when painting and he is right. It is yours so you can have fun.

I will take you through the process with pictures.


And we all departed with our painting and a little going away mini paint container with a Merlot’s Masterpiece wine glass and candy. Thank you soooo much for the inspiration and opportunity to paint.




4 thoughts on “Bright Lights, Big City!

  1. Such a fun evening!! I’m so glad that you were there, I’m going to try to have my recap post by the end of this week 🙂 Your painting looks even better than I remember!

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