The Cherry Blossoms Came and Went…


So glad I made the effort to see the Cherry Blossoms on Sunday.  I might have gone to see them before but as a kid.  It was really cool walking the entire tidal basin. I started the morning out at Revolve and decided to keep the day going since it was so beautiful out.

You can follow my journey through the pictures. Enjoy!

DSC_0558DSC_0559DSC_0561DSC_0562DSC_0563DSC_0564DSC_0565DSC_0566DSC_0567DSC_0568DSC_0569DSC_0574 DSC_0577DSC_0579DSC_0584DSC_0585DSC_0586DSC_0588DSC_0591DSC_0593DSC_0594DSC_0595



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