MWF Seeking BFF

MWF Seeking BFF

I think I have found my book to start off my spring reading. The book is called MWF Seeking BFF: My Year Long Search for a New Best Friend which is off to a great start. I got sucked in instantly. The book is about a woman that moves to a city with her boyfriend and they get married a few years down the later.  The only problem is that it is a city where she doesn’t have her best friends nearby to talk to or hang out with. Her mission is to find new friends. I won’t spoil it too much but it’s off to an interesting start.

I wanted to create a look that I would wear on a friend date of just meeting a potential friend. I think black is safe and just add that pop of color with a blazer or your accessories. All of these pieces are under $80, super affordable.

What would you wear? Are you bold enough to seek out new friends in city you don’t know close to anybody in?


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