Haute Dogs & Fries Restaurant Review

I had the pleasure of meeting someone that was related to the owners of Haute Dogs & Fries Restaurant at my previous job.  They were nice enough to give me a free drink and meal card to try it out.  The place was actually right next to a wax place I had an appointment for and decided why not try the food out afterwards.  This spot is located on Montgomery Street in Alexandria.

The establishment is very clean and they have pictures of all of these cute doggies on the wall. They have quite a few hotdog options.  I love a Chicago style hotdog.  I ordered their version and  thought theirs was okay.  I did however enjoy the bread around the hotdog. They don’t use a typical hotdog bun, they grill the bread which makes it a little crunchier.  I ordered a side of mac & cheese which was recommended by the guy at the register and I enjoyed it.

I will definitely go back and try something else because there were some really good looking hotdogs on the website (make sure you eat before viewing or you might be tempted … lol). They also serve wine and beer which is always a nice option for a drink.





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