Blogger Scene ReCap

IMG_20140507_182640Blogger Scene is the event I think I look forward to every year.  I always get to see bloggers that I otherwise wouldn’t see on a regular basis.  I guess I call it the bloggers reunion, lol.  This event is put on by Ashley of Ashley in DC and Natalie and Erika of The Fashionably Broke.

This year it took place at Mari Vanna. We were greeted with a check in and a ticket for probably one of the best mimosas I’ve ever tasted. This spot has fruit infused liquor which is so interesting and delicious! I definitely want to go back and check this place out for dinner.

I mixed and mingled around and met some new faces as well as got acquainted with bloggers I have seen around but never had the chance to meet.

I saw that a set up of cupcakes was done and these cupcakes were probably some of the best cupcakes I have ever tasted.  They were from company called Bakers Dozen, yum!!!


We got to listen to two bloggers talk about how their blogs turned into a business. That was very vital information and also how you should treat your blog like a business.  We put a lot of sweat and tears into it so why not take it seriously?!

After the talks, there were giveaways.  They had a lot of giveaways and good giveaways at that.  I ended up winning a $50 Lou Lou Boutique giftcard that I went and used the next day. Wooohoo!


These were the winning two. TokyoMilk and I made an acquaintance last summer so I had to look for another favorite.  This scent is so soft but has a little kick to it. And I seem to always need a pair of pearl earrings.  These were my two finds with a few bucks left to use towards my next purchase.

Thank you again ladies for the great prize!!! =)


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