Swimming Make Up

I went to the pool last week and should probably be going today with how hot it is but we all have to go to a place called work at some point. LOL! I made my way to Twilight Tuesdays at Vida Rooftop pool which was amazing because the weather came around for us and it’s just an amazing pool.

I decided to wear minimal make up because I knew that most of it would come off in the water.  I apparently chose the right make up to wear because I was still glowing when I got out of the pool. I was in the water about 45 mins to an hour.  Continue reading

3 Ways to Wear A Maxi

3 Ways to Wear A Maxi
Many of us have that one maxi dress that we think can only be worn one way but can be worn multiple ways. I took various pieces but used the same dress as my staple piece. All you have to do is mix pieces up such as shoes and accessories and the outfit becomes elevated to toned down.
Summer countdown!!!!

This Skinny Girl Likes to Eat Too Edition

I needed a change in scenery so Bar Pilar was the winner for my evening outing. I generally like to go to places that I know I won’t run into anyone I know. I wanted to meet up with a friend of mine and was in hopes that the happy hour would still be going on since I was running a little behind.  It ended at 7pm as well as all the other happy hours around us. This bar has two floors which is great because I thought it was a lot smaller. I love the upstairs area. They have all types of cool art on the walls and the bar upstairs is small and cute. Continue reading