This Skinny Girl Likes to Eat Too Edition

I needed a change in scenery so Bar Pilar was the winner for my evening outing. I generally like to go to places that I know I won’t run into anyone I know. I wanted to meet up with a friend of mine and was in hopes that the happy hour would still be going on since I was running a little behind.  It ended at 7pm as well as all the other happy hours around us. This bar has two floors which is great because I thought it was a lot smaller. I love the upstairs area. They have all types of cool art on the walls and the bar upstairs is small and cute.

I got to try various beers thanks to my amazing bartender. I got to sample pretty much everything I was curious about as far as beers and wines before I made a final decision and I found a good one. I decided to drink some bubbly. Then someone next to me ordered this sandwich with a sauce you could either dip the sandwich in or pour over the sandwich. My crazy butt decided to dip the sandwich that did not fit into the dipping jar. LOL! The sandwich was the  coconut milk pork shoulder banh mi with pho dip. I wish I got a picture of this sandwich but it was devoured. It was really good and everything about it was delicious.

Next, I had the pickled deviled eggs with pancetta which was on the mind as soon as I got to the bar but waited. It was definitely different but worth a try.


I highly recommend this cool bar because it has different foods than what you would find at your average bar and the bartenders are very knowledgeable so they’ll make sure you drink something good and eat something good.

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