Swimming Make Up

I went to the pool last week and should probably be going today with how hot it is but we all have to go to a place called work at some point. LOL! I made my way to Twilight Tuesdays at Vida Rooftop pool which was amazing because the weather came around for us and it’s just an amazing pool.

I decided to wear minimal make up because I knew that most of it would come off in the water.  I apparently chose the right make up to wear because I was still glowing when I got out of the pool. I was in the water about 45 mins to an hour. 

The three miracles (is what I will call them…lol)

Covergirl Trublends Minerals



Purchase Here

Hypnose Drama Waterproof



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NYX Matte Lipstick Perfect Red


Purchase Here

The trick is to have things that are powder and not liquid. The bronzer is a powder and I had quite a bit on since I knew the water would take some of it off.  The matte lipstick is a no brainer. Matte lipsticks stay on for a very long time which is why I stick to buying those over any other type of lipstick. Waterproof mascara is a must or you will look like a zombie out of a horror film coming out of the water.

Oh Hey! It’s just me so you can see how my make up looked getting out of the water. I was in shock it actually lasted.


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