Surf’s Up VoxBox from Influenster

I recieved the Surf’s Up Voxbox from Ifluenster for testing purposes only. I was excited as to what I found inside. This Voxbox had everything you needed to have a good summer in my opinion. We had nail polish, pain relief (for those LONG nights out on the town), Jamba Juice smoothie mix, after sun lotion, and last but not least, shampoo and conditioner.


The first thing I tried from this box was the shampoo and conditioner which is by Not Your Mother’s. I’ve actually been wanting to try some things from this brand for a little while now so this was perfect. I didn’t love the shampoo but the conditioner left my curls popping! I was excited about that.  Continue reading

This Skinny Girl Likes to Eat Too Edition


There is a new Protein Bar on 17th & K Street and I wanted to be sure to check it out. I was curious as to what it was all about. Protein Bar focuses on healthy food that can be served in a quick, engaging way for active, on-the-go customers.

The focus is on serving healthy, flavorful food in a hip, trendy environment quickly and efficiently so that everyone can get back to their busy day.

I really love what Protein Bar is all about. I was so gracious to be able to come in and check it out. I arrived to the new location and like how close it is to metro so that if you need to run in and out and get to where you need to go, you can. Continue reading

How I Would Style a Black and White Jersey

I had the pleasure of being one of the first owners of the Flamingo Customs jersey. This jersey is a one of a kind by being painted on and being the only one that exists right now. I love how unique this piece is. I’m all about adding unique pieces to my wardrobe and this one fits perfectly.
I had the challenge of styling this jersey top and I have to say, it gave me a run for my money. Jersey tops tend to be longer so a lot of times you have to play with how it is tucked in. It’s just a tricky piece but if styled correctly, it can look amazing.
How I Would Pair a Black & White Jersey

Restaurant Week is Approaching!!!

This is probably one of my favorite times of the year. Restaurant week is coming back!! The dates to lock in are any restaurants listed on OpenTable from August 11th to the 17th.

This is the time to try out those expensive restaurants you wouldn’t go to on a normal day. You won’t be disappointed, especially with the price.

Here are my top 10:

Art and Soul


Cafe Milano

STK – Washington DC

Sushi Taro

Toro Toro





Most of these I have been to and are definitely worth trying out!

Thank me later! =)


This Skinny Girl Likes to Eat Too Edition

I was seeing a restaurant slowly crossing over my Instagram. I went to The Gryphon Instagram page and saw they were new to the DC area. I decided it was time to try something new out. I did some research and got to come in and try out the Meat & Raw Bar located Dupont Circle.

I got to the restaurant right on time and was impressed with the set up. They have huge TV’s throughout the restaurant so a good place to watch a game. It was actually a game ending as I arrived. I was greeted by the hostess and got to try a drink from the bar as I waited for my table to be ready. The name of this drink I believe was the Artemis Vertue which contains Hendrix gin, lime juice, cucumber, mint, sweet vermouth, agave nectar, and a splash of soda. Yum! Continue reading

Hidden Gem in Old Town


It was one of those days that I wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere after I got off of work.  There was a new store that was three doors down from my job that goes by the name of Maggie Jane’s Brownstone that I was meaning to check out. I finally had the time to take it all in. It is nine rooms of vintage furniture, jewelry, signs, lamps, and more. It’s a vintage French urban chic boutique.

I felt like I was walking back in time. I love everything vintage and one of a kind. I walked in all nine rooms to see what they had to offer and I got more and more excited with every room I went into. The prices aren’t outrageous either.

I was mesmerized by the earrings which ran about $25. The earrings were super unique and I just had to have them. 

I also got to chat with the owner that is very nice and very creative. She set up the entire shop and it is really appealing to the eye. The front window alone kept catching my eye every time I walked pass and I knew I needed to eventually stop in. You will not be disappointed. 











You can find out more about this super cool shop Facebook & Pinterest 

There is also a website to check out here


This Skinny Girl Likes to Eat Too Edition

I made my way to NYC about a week ago. Always a great escape and tons of new places to eat and explore. The first stop was Tao after kidnapping my best friend after his amazing show iLuminate. If you’ve never been to a show, you have to check it out!

Tao is humongous. I was a little overwhelmed when I walked in but in a good way. They have so many huge statues of buddhas to make you feel as if you are in another world. It’s beautiful and the service is superb. The food was delicious! I ordered a chicken pad thai and I was full once I was done. I hate spending more than usual on food and still feeling hungry once I’m finished. I also ordered a Lychee Martini. I love anything with Lychee, it reminds me of a pear.

IMG_20140621_103407 Continue reading