Hidden Gem in Old Town


It was one of those days that I wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere after I got off of work.  There was a new store that was three doors down from my job that goes by the name of Maggie Jane’s Brownstone that I was meaning to check out. I finally had the time to take it all in. It is nine rooms of vintage furniture, jewelry, signs, lamps, and more. It’s a vintage French urban chic boutique.

I felt like I was walking back in time. I love everything vintage and one of a kind. I walked in all nine rooms to see what they had to offer and I got more and more excited with every room I went into. The prices aren’t outrageous either.

I was mesmerized by the earrings which ran about $25. The earrings were super unique and I just had to have them. 

I also got to chat with the owner that is very nice and very creative. She set up the entire shop and it is really appealing to the eye. The front window alone kept catching my eye every time I walked pass and I knew I needed to eventually stop in. You will not be disappointed. 











You can find out more about this super cool shop Facebook & Pinterest 

There is also a website to check out here



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