This Skinny Girl Likes to Eat Too Edition


There is a new Protein Bar on 17th & K Street and I wanted to be sure to check it out. I was curious as to what it was all about. Protein Bar focuses on healthy food that can be served in a quick, engaging way for active, on-the-go customers.

The focus is on serving healthy, flavorful food in a hip, trendy environment quickly and efficiently so that everyone can get back to their busy day.

I really love what Protein Bar is all about. I was so gracious to be able to come in and check it out. I arrived to the new location and like how close it is to metro so that if you need to run in and out and get to where you need to go, you can.

The menu has endless ways on how you can prepare various meals. This is definitely a vegan or vegetarian friendly establishment. I’ve been considering going vegetarian but I am weaning off of it slowly but I tend to still go for chicken.


I ordered the Georgetown Green Tea which is a blended drink. It comes out green so I was nervous at first but it ended up being super flavorful. It comes with Vanilla Protein (you also have your choice of protein which can be whey, soy, egg, or vegan), Choice of Milk (2%, skim, almond, coconut, or soy), Matcha green tea, and a banana. You can add an extra boost at no additional charge if you want.


I decided for the food to order the Guac & Roll which is considered chilled . I love anything with avocado in it! This Bar-rito contains all-natural chicken, avocado, fresh salsa, house-made Cilantro Lime dressing, and the Super 6 Salad Mix wrapped in a whole-wheat flax tortilla.  It was pretty good. I will be back for this bar-rito.

They do have two choices of bar-ritos. Their Signature Grilled Protein Bar-ritos have half the calories of most burritos since they use a warm organic quinoa blend instead of rice and low-cal whole wheat wrap instead of a flour tortilla. Their Chilled Bar-ritos feature their housemade sauces, organic or all-natural protein, and are rolled in their low-cal whole wheat wrap.

I highly recommend this spot if you are looking for a healthy fast-food option. You will not be disappointed and all of it is healthy so you won’t feel bad about eating it.







And last but not least, the first two people that can guess how long I have been blogging correctly will get a complimentary bowl or drink card from me.  🙂


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