G Street Food


G Street Food started from the idea of getting some of the best food from NY street food vendors. The only downfall with street vendors is the concern of how clean are they keeping everything from the cooking burners to how fresh is the food. So G Street Food was thought of with having a cleaner environment where you have all kinds of choices for food options that are just has great as those food vendors, if not better.

The food is prepared by some of the best in the food industry. The creator of this company made sure the best of the best was chosen to prepare the food and I could tell by how great the food tasted. The pricing of the food is super reasonable if you are looking for something unique and delicious. You have the option for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free dishes.

While there it seemed like the place was booming but it apparently wasn’t such a busy day. The lunch rush was crazy. They move pretty quickly and have an organized fashion for you to get your food. Everyone looked like they were enjoying what they were eating. A young lady in line told me everything she tried was great and she tends to invite someone to come check it out with her and they tend to like it too. I was pretty impressed with that answer.

I decided to to try Socca which is a vegetarian and gluten free dish. This dish contains chickpea flour pancake layered with chickpea, lentil and rice stew with a scoop of yogurt. I was impressed with how flavorful it was. I could taste just about every ingredient they stated was in the dish. I ate this paired with my favorite ginger ale by Bruce Cost. Yums!



G Street Food also offers internships to those that are looking for a way to get into the food industry. I thought this was awesome for those that can’t go to cooking school but want to get first hand experience in the industry.

I was really impressed with this establishment and how they stand behind having fresh and quality food. It’s hard to find places that really care about where the food is sourced and how it is prepared. I highly recommend checking this place out and see for yourself.


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