DC Restaurant Week ReCap

I only got a chance to check out one spot this year for restaurant week and it was Del Frisco’s Grille. I had never been here but had heard from two different people that this was the spot to check out. I walked in and was super impressed with the extensive wine selection that could be seen as soon as you walked in. The decor is really nice with orange and gray as the two contrasting colors.

20140814_185316Please excuse the bluriness (made up word) of this picture

My friend finally got there and we were seated. It so much open space in this place which I like so you don’t feel so confined and you have space. We looked over the restaurant week menu and were not impressed AT ALL. We decided to order from the regular menu and I ended up spending as much as I would have with the restaurant week menu.


I decided to go for their sangria which was amazing and quite potent. I then ordered deviled eggs for my appetizer which comes with truffle-chive vinaigrette. I love deviled eggs! I ordered the lamb burger with frites, fries, but I had a choice with what I wanted my fries topped with which was pretty cool. I topped my fries with parmesan which I couldn’t get enough of! Drooling for more right now!  The lamb burger comes with roasted tomato, arugula, and tzatziki sauce. I had to add cheese onto the burger and I decided to go for swiss cheese. I try to avoid american cheese at all costs.


I had an overall good experience at this restaurant. It is definitely not the cheapest place to eat and happy hour does not exist at this restaurant so don’t come looking for it. I would definitely come here for a date or for a celebration. I loved the seating area for larger parties.


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