Avocado Breakfast Egg Cups


There was a day that I walked into the grocery store and was craving avocados. I found 4 for $5 and knew it was my lucky day. I decided I would make four different things with the avocados. I found a few easy recipes but this was the one that I actually got some pictures of.

I found a super easy recipe with the help of google that allowed me to use what I already had. The site that popped up was Wellness Mama. This recipe sounded straight to the point. I tweaked some of the amounts I needed since it was only me eating it.

It required 2 avocados and 4 eggs. I downsized to 1 avocado and 2 eggs. I also added toppings of my choice. I really wish I had sour cream but such is life.


Next I cut the avocado in half and had to pit it. I actually had to google how to properly cut and pit and avocado the first time I ever ate one. The pit can be dangerous to get out so be careful.

DSC_0780Next was the trickiest part of it all and that was cutting a hole large enough in the already open part of the avocado to fit the egg. Make sure you cut a really big hole because my egg yolk was falling out and spilling out. It was difficult. LOL! You also have to find the perfect cooking wear to put it in the stove so that the yolk or avocado doesn’t fall over.


When it came out it looked pretty good. I might have had in for a little too long. They say to tweak the time depending on how hot your oven gets.


I added my salt and pepper. Then I added salsa on top of this. I thought that the overall taste was bland. I put in work for this and it didn’t taste as great as I wanted. Maybe I’ll try it again with other toppings. Has anyone else tried this recipe before?

F*ck Forks


I had a pretty good week in the winning world last week. I won tickets to a bathing suit fashion show and got invited by my friend I took along with me to the fashion show to a F*ck Forks event. This event deals with F*ck Cancer and the proceeds from the ticket sales go towards fighting cancer.  You also get to try various drinks and dishes from some of the best restaurants in the DMV area.

I tried some dishes and things I never thought I would try. Take a peak through my pictures to see the wildest thing I tried. Continue reading

Hello October

Hello October
Hello October!!! This is my favorite month for many reasons. The clothing I get to wear this month and the dark colors that go along with it. Halloween is the night I get to hunt through my closet and see what character I can create. I also tend to spend more time at home because it is cooler out and get lost in a book. I have two books I’m obsessing over; Night Film and Gone Girl. I have finally dived in Night Film and it’s amazing. Next will be Gone Girl even though the movie is out Today. Eek. I must go see it.
What are things you all looking forward to in October?