She Won!!

I won’t talk about many times I had to re-write this post because WordPress doesn’t save drafts!!!! Ok well back on a good note, I started a new job and I have been busy! I don’t know where time went and I’ve been missing out on blog posts. I promise to be a little more consistent.

Well I entered a contest with 930 Club to win a night out with Little Dragon. And to my surprise, I won! I always let friends reap the benefits of my win so I invited one of my friends to enjoy. I won two tickets, four drink tickets to Rural Society which is connected to Loews Madison Hotel, and some credits from Hailo (come back to the U.S., please and thanks) to and from the concert.

Everyone was dressed in after work attire at Rural Society and we were in jeans because it was a casual concert that we were attending. I started out with a Cocovino which is a wine with soda added to it. It was so good I drank it all before getting a picture. Next I ordered one of my favorites, a Caipirinha with cachaça, orange, and lime. I also ordered chorizo gaucho beef & pork sausage, and salsa criolla. This was DELICIOUS!

20141015_174150 20141015_180915

Next I ordered chivito grilled lamb loin slider, lamb bacon, and mint aïoli. I think me and forms of lamb burgers need to leave each other alone. I only like lamb in it’s original form.


And then lastly I ordered papas fritas french fries with merkén aïoli.


Oh hey! It’s just me. 😉IMG_20141015_182554

Next we headed to see Little Dragon. They had an opening act by the name of Fly Girls and they were really good.

Just a picture of me and one of my homegirls.



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