Vince Camuto Inspired

Vince Camuto Inspired
As you all probably already know, Vince Camuto has passed away. The stories I read about him are so inspiring. He was a person of passion and used that passion to build an amazing business. He worked with so many companies to create amazing shoes and his empire was built.
His funeral was yesterday so I was moved to create an outfit with some pieces of his.

Beach Inspiration

I was put to the challenge to create a look with an amazing piece of furniture from Modani. I was so excited to take the challenge.

I choose the white sofa because it made me think modern day beach house. I remember being in Miami in college and they had this great white sofa. I need to go back!

To see more of Modani’s amazing sofas, go to this website. There will be a location opening in DC very soon so be on the look out to see some of these pieces up close and personal.

Beach Inspiration

DGS Delicatessen

So my Sunday started out not too great with running late and the brunch we arrived to being crazy packed. We tried to do the freak show STK brunch but we were a little too late. Sidenote, STK is sooo small here and I didn’t get that grown and sexy feel I got when I went to the one in NY. Maybe I should go another day and check it out.

So as we’re trying to figure out what we are going to do next, I realize I got a Gilt City deal for DGS a Delicatessen. We were walking distance from it and I was STARVING! We walked in and brunch is of course over and we are offered their limited lunch menu. It was not a lot to choose from, but everything everyone was eating around us looked amazing.

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Ping Pong Dim Sum Best Brunch in DC

So I had the chance late last year to check out Ping Pong Dim Sum. They sent me a coupon to get a free drink and that got me to come in and check it out. I believe I ordered the Chinese mule which is sharp and refreshing with vodka and sake shaken with fresh ginger, coriander and limes, topped with ginger beer. I love anything with ginger beer. Ping Pong Dim Sum has amazing dim sum as well if you’ve never had it.

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