Ping Pong Dim Sum Best Brunch in DC

So I had the chance late last year to check out Ping Pong Dim Sum. They sent me a coupon to get a free drink and that got me to come in and check it out. I believe I ordered the Chinese mule which is sharp and refreshing with vodka and sake shaken with fresh ginger, coriander and limes, topped with ginger beer. I love anything with ginger beer. Ping Pong Dim Sum has amazing dim sum as well if you’ve never had it.


We ordered our main entree and then as many dim sum dishes as we wanted. We also got champagne and these flavorful bubbles to pour into the champagne. It’s called a “deconstructed” mimosa which features bubbly served with popping pearls, each one filled with a rotating selection of exotic juices like passion fruit, lychee and kiwi. Everything was pretty good. My main entree was the shanghai shrimp and grits which is a spicy chinese lap cheong pork sausage and seared jumbo shrimp atop chinese congee rice porridge. The pork sausage was hard but the shrimp was amazing. I don’t eat a lot of cooked seafood but shrimp is one that has grown on me. My friend ordered the sichuan hanger steak “loco moco” which comes with hanger steak in sichuan peppercorn sauce, fried eggs, atop sticky fried rice. That was delicious!!


We ordered so many dim sum dishes I can’t remember exactly what we ordered. Some I loved and some were okay. I ordered a lot so I could know what to order the next time I come. I will be going back soon though because it’s such a good deal with all the food you get. I believe it was $36 with the drinks and all the food we got. I thought it was a good deal with all that we got.

IMG955572_resized_1 IMG955575_resized_2

Definitely check it out. It got called out as one of the best brunches to check out in DC here. They also have a great loyalty program where you get points for eating there. It can also score you free things to eat and drink.

IMG955584_resized_1 IMG955585_resized_2

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